2007-12-24 04:15:04 by Qweety

WOW. That was the closest I've ever been to getting caught looking at porn. I was just going to my usual websites when all the sudden I hear someone coming out of their room. I quickly try to close the browser but my shitty computer has it freeze on the image. Luckily whoever it was went to the bathroom first and as they walked to where the computer was the browser closed just in time. I will NEVER look at porn while somebody's home again.


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2007-12-24 04:47:05

omg that happens to me so much i frek out like crazy lol i find that if you have to tabs up the top of ur broswer one porn tab one non porn tab i find it quiker if u close the porn tab the exit the broswer just a little hit lol

Qweety responds:

Yeah but Internet Explorer doesn't have tabs.


2007-12-24 07:41:20

New internet explorer does... not that i use IE... wait a minute... you naughty boy rofl

Qweety responds:

Lol. But I don't have new internet explorer. I should definitely look it up though.


2007-12-24 19:18:39

Firefox has tabs.

Qweety responds:

Which is why I downloaded it yesterday.